Event Information 

The following information is provided to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all competitors in the St. Albert Kids of Steel® Triathlon. Please review the following information about the race. Questions and concerns may be addressed at the package pick up. 

Race Day Check-In 

DO NOT PARK in the Paul Kane High School or Fountain Park Pool parking lots, in front of the school or along the north side of Forest Drive. This is on the race course and could endanger the athletes. On race morning, first check-in at the age group tables for body marking by the volunteers. Next put your bike, helmet, shoes, race number and other belongings that are needed for bicycling or running in the transition area. 

* If you park your vehicle where prohibited, you will not be able to move it until well after the event has concluded.


Report to swim assembly area on the bleachers half an hour before your individual heat start. At this point, athletes will be assigned lanes and lane positions and receive their timing chip. You will remain here until just before your heat starts. You will then proceed to the assigned lane, where you will check-in with the lap counter for your lane. 

While swimming, stay on the right side of the lane, allowing faster swimmers to pass, and resting only at the ends of the pool. Please be courteous to the other swimmers in your lane. Younger athletes will be able to use a kick board or life jacket, and experienced swimmers will be in the water to help. The lap counters will tell you when you have two more laps to swim by showing a kick board underwater. After the swim, you leave the pool building through the west exit doors, over the timing mat and to the transition area. 


The curb lane, for the entire bicycle course, has been separated by traffic cones for safer riding. Stay in the curb lane - ride on the right-hand side, and pass on the left. Pay attention to  directions from the traffic marshals on course. In corners, slow down to a safe speed and do not pass. Watch for cars on the course. Although the course has been secured, cars will have to cross the course to enter or leave residential areas.

Marshals will be on course to assist cyclists with problems. No drafting is permitted - cyclists must remain two bike lengths behind one another, unless passing.

Drafting only permitted in the Junior and Under-23 races.

Cyclists are responsible for counting their own laps on the course. Lap counters will be recording numbers to confirm that cyclists have completed the course. 

Cunningham Road from Forest Drive to Sir Winston Churchill Ave. will have two lanes closed to allow the separation of cyclists entering and leaving the transition area from those continuing to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th laps. 


After racking your bike, run to the sidewalk (staying right) and over the timing mat. All runners should stay on the sidewalk or boulevard to avoid the cyclists on the bike course. 

Athletes are to watch for the colour coded run signs and pay attention to directions from the marshals. 

 7 & Under Pink 12 & 13          Yellow 

 8 & 9 Red 14 &15                     Green 

10 & 11 White 16 to 19               Blue 

Elementary Teams grade 1-3  Red

High School Teams                 Green 

Elementary Teams grade 4-6 White 

Junior Draft Legal

 Please know your course, as shown on the maps provided in your package. Should confusion arise, marshals will give directions. 



Timing Chips 

All competitors will wear timing chips on their ankle. Please wear your chip until the volunteer removes it at the finish line. Do not cross the timing mats until you are racing. 


This is the area where the bikes are racked, and competitors begin and finish the biking portion of the race. The riding of bikes is not permitted in the transition area - walking or 

running only. Helmets must be securely fastened prior to removing the bike from the rack. 

The transition area is restricted to competitors only. We have great volunteers to help the younger children. Athletes in the 7 & Under and 8 to 9 year old age groups can have one adult help them; be aware of other competitors . All bikes must be in the transition area prior to the start of the race. Bikes may not be removed until the completion of the race. 

In the team events, the timing chip hand-off takes place next to the racked bike. THE TIMING CHIP MUST BE TRANSFERRED TO THE CYCLIST AND THEN TO THE RUNNER – the racing team member must wear the chip. 

Aid Stations 

Aid stations will be available for all age groups at the beginning of the bike/run course, outside the transition area, and at the finish line. An extra aid station will be available for runners in the 14 year and older age groups at the corner of Boudreau Road and Forest Drive. 

Kids of Steel Rules 

ITU, Triathlon Canada and Triathlon Alberta rules and regulations will be in effect. This specific rules can be found on the Triathlon Alberta web site. These rules outline the limits of advanced bicycle equipment including clip-less pedals, aero-bars and race wheels. 

Note to All Parents 

A triathlon can be a very enjoyable and satisfying experience for your child. We urge you to take the time to drive, ride or walk the course with your child and ensure they are completely familiar with all the elements of the race. With good preparation, the competitors will know where to go and can enjoy the race more fully.

Good luck and have a safe race! 

Many thanks to our volunteers, The St. Albert Triathlon Association, and the following sponsors and supporters: